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Jamie Grace - A Family Christmas

“There’s a certain producer – Sean Hill – who has truly impacted my life. He has become like an older brother to me – helping me grow as an artist with honesty, talent and whit. His name may not be known to everyone, but like a certain Samaritan who has remained “nameless,” it doesn’t always take a big name to make a big impact.”

-Jamie Grace




“There is only one word to describe our experience with Uphill Studios: Phenomenal!  Sean’s ear for production was extremely impressive, and more than that was the passion he showed for his work.  He took the time to listen to the lyrics and intentionally created a sound for each track that both reflected and magnified the message of our music.  His heart is definitely evident in the movement and quality of each song.  Sean worked diligently with us to make sure the single and EP were the best they could be, and we couldn’t be prouder of the product he created.  We highly recommend Uphill Studios for any artists looking to record, and we will definitely be back for future recordings!”

-Kellie & Kristen



Landry Cantrell

“Not only is Sean Hill incredible at what he does, he is one of the most down to earth people I have ever had the privilege of working with. Sean went above and beyond what what was required of him to truly invested himself in my music. Just being around him and watching him work inspired me to be the best that I can be, in and out of the studio. Listen to the music, the quality of what he does speaks for itself. Not only is Sean a top notch producer but also a Christian and friend.”

-Landry Cantrell




Shelly E. Johnson - Worship EP

Having been in and around the music industry for several years, I know from experience how rare it is to work with a producer who brings more to the table than just loads of talent. While Sean is most definitely crazy talented, his approach to production reaches far beyond that. He is a true “song guy”.  He “gets” songs and has a remarkable innate sense for how they should flow and feel. He is always thinking “big picture” and doesn’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. He is intentional in making sure the production fits the artist, meaning he doesn’t just pull out the same bag of tricks for every project. He works tirelessly to create a unique sonic landscape that will best serve the artist and their ministry.  He is not afraid to push back when something is less than excellent, yet manages to do so with kindness, respect and professionalism.  He takes the time to work with each client in stretching them to places musically they may not have previously explored. He is a true student of music – I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who listens to or “studies” more music on a regular basis.  Most importantly, when in the studio with Sean there is always fun to be had. His crazy, lighthearted personality takes all the pressure off and makes the recording process exactly as it should be: a blast!

-Shelly E. Johnson

Brad Guldemond - Let It Out


Choosing the right producer can make or break a recording project, and I am so happy that I chose Uphill Studios to produce my album. Sean took the time to understand my vision for the project, and made sure I was happy with the progress of the sound and style throughout the entire process. From my simple iPhone voice memos, they created outstanding song arrangements that were even better than I imagined.  The Uphill’s Studios’ team is very professional, and also a lot of fun to work with.  Sean goes above and beyond to make sure his clients not only end up with a quality recording, but also have a good experience along the way. If your looking for a professional studio with a personal touch, choose Uphill Studios.

– Brad Guldemond


Aaron David - Open Up Te Sky


“So when you pull up to the studio and the engineer is sitting on the front porch waiting for you, you know it’s gonna be a good day.  Sean took my seed of an idea and made into a great sounding song.  He made the track east to sing along with and his vocal set up makes your voice sound amazing!  He’s a great guy to work with, keeps it loose and fun and will even let your kids (if you have to bring them) play on his Wii… you may have to check with him first on that!  Don’t hesitate to work with him if you have the chance.”

– Aaron David




Jamie Nunnally - God Is With Us

“It’s not always easy entrusting a song you wrote to someone you haven’t met face to face.  But when Sean sent me the new arrangement that he and and his team developed for my song, I was floored!  He totally knocked it out of the park.  Once I did meet Sean in person to record vocals, we had a blast.  It was a fun experience that yielded a professional product.  I couldn’t be happier with the end result and look forward to working with him again.”

– Jamie Nunnally



Daniel Newlun - Reason For The Manger

“I had a fantastic experience working with Sean at Uphill Studios on my new Christmas single.  When I flew in from Denver to lay the vocal tracks, everything was ready to go.  The atmosphere was easy and stress free.  As for recording quality, I’ve been in studios featured in EQ Magazine that can’t do what Sean does.  You can’t be taught how to hear…Sean’s got great ears!  Two thumbs up for Uphill Studios.”

– Daniel Newlun



The Morning Watch - EP

“We had a great time recording at Uphill Studios.  Sean is a very laid back guy, which is how we see ourselves.  He was very quick to answer any questions and send us the track as it progressed through each instrument so that we could approve.  We loved everything he created with the songs.”

The Morning Watch



Drew Ley - Anchor

“Sean Hill is one of the most talented producers in the recording business.  I would definitely recommend Sean and his team to any songwriters/artists who are looking for top quality production at an affordable price.  I look forward to working with Uphill Studios in the future.  It was a great experience.”

– Drew Ley


Kennedy Goins - Letdown Kind Of Love

“Uphill Studios is an absolute dream to work with.  I came to them with an idea, and a couple hours later, we had written the entire song.  Sean provides excellent direction and has an individual vision for every project that lands in his hands.  I cannot imagine my song turning out so wonderfully with any other producer or studio.  I love Sean and Crystal Hill and cannot wait to record future songs with Uphill!”

– Kennedy Goins


Rod Lumpkin - Glimpse

“It has been an awesome experience working with Uphill Studios and Sean Hill.  As a producer that has been producing Cd’s since 1998, I can truly say my best work has come forth being in relationship with Uphill Studios. The atmosphere, creative ear, expertise, and quality Sean demonstrates is enough to take any aspiring artist or established producer to the next level.  I’ve been blessed to win music awards in past productions but with Uphill it gets better. Sean we’ve got more to do!!”

– Rod Lumpkin




Chandler Baldwin - A Piece of Where You Are

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Uphill Studios when they mastered my latest EP.  The did the job thoroughly and quickly, and the finished product sounds great!  I would recommend them to any other songwriter looking for an awesome sounding record that they can be proud of.”

– Chandler Baldwin




Eric Potter - Breathe On Us

“Uphill Studios has a quality sound, coming from a quality producer.  Sean Hill brought my vision to life.  Plus, his music skills are from beyond here! He totally rocks!”

– Eric Potter




Leslie Woods - Resound


“Working with Sean was amazing!  The atmosphere was relaxed and fun.  Best of all I don’t just record, he also taught and explained a few things about the production process so I wasn’t as clueless as I was the first time I recorded with another studio.  Needless to say, he’ll be seeing my face again.”

– Leslie Woods