Is there a question we haven’t answered as you have browsed the site?  Are you interested in pricing information?  Give us a call,
send us a text, or shoot us an email.  We’d love the chance to talk to you and discuss the specifics of your music.


Pricing in most studios operate on “per hour” or “per day” schedules, which we can offer.  Going over budget, however, quickly becomes an issue as artists realize that every extra hour in the studio is running them over their planned budget.  This leads to stressed performances and a general rush in the studio, squashing room for creative opportunity.

Uphill Studios solves this problem by giving “per song” or “per project” price schedules that relieve the time strain altogether.  We have found over the years, that artists prefer this pricing structure because it frees them up to focus on creating music instead of worrying about managing a budget.

Due to the highly differing creative demands of each project, please contact us to begin general project talks, scheduling a studio tour, and/or begin pricing discussions.